Mushroom Pepper Salt

But we have a problem.

As long as I have enjoyed traveling the menu, I continued to overlook the dish named *mushroom pepper salt*. It simply did not invite me, did not clue me in that it was anything more than what its name presented. I was on a cheese fast one week. [Side note: cheese was one of my abusive partners and it took a lot for me mentally, emotionally and spiritually to finally overcome its power]. So where I would usually go for something with a cream base, or paneer (a delicious handmade cottage cheese), I searched thoroughly for a satisfying vegetarian alternative. 

Mushroom pepper salt. . .

I read more closely than I had in years past. “Prepared with spices” . . .Hm. I’ll give it a try. And while taking my chance, I grabbed another option whose name suggested a harmony of aromatic blends of flavor. Just. In. Case.

The reason I am so angry, dear Indian restaurant, is that the name of this dish let me down. For years, I simply glossed over the cover of this book. Time after time again, this name robbed me of the satisfaction of the most amazing preparation of mushrooms I have ever experienced in my life. 

Dear Indian restaurant, I will find it in my heart to forgive you one day. 

Even the “non-mushroom eaters” in my house converged upon my plate of these expertly prepared nuggets of yumminess. And if my friend, the Indian restaurant, never changes the name of this dish, I speak to everyone else who lacks the insider scoop that you simply should look beyond the name and discover the brilliance. 

I regret to inform you that I have lived my life like mushroom pepper salt. For thirteen years now, I told people I was a “family law attorney.” Blah. Yet as I’ve come out of my bag, I’ve dared to let the world know how much flavor I really have. In essence, I realize I was no different than this Indian restaurant menu item. 

I am Char. I am a loud-laughing, joke-telling, warm and compassionate bundle of brains who sees the sunshine beyond every single storm. And I love people. We are all perfectly imperfect. And, in my book, that is what makes us so irresistibly loveable. 

I’m more than mushroom pepper salt. I’m a force to be reckoned with.

Hello world…you have been sleeping on me. But I now take full responsibility for how I wrote the menu description. My bad.



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