Leading the Movement to Transform Family Law . . .

“Love does not harm his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.”

–Romans 13:10

Our practice philosophy is “above all else, do no harm.”

Too often, the traditional style of family practice makes a bad situation even worse.

At Law for Love, we have a holistic approach to navigating families through challenging times.

Is your marriage or relationship with your children stuck in endless cycles of conflict?


Sherlyn “Char” Selassie

Pastor at Law

“Char” Selassie is passionate about families and finding practical solutions to the puzzles we all face in life. She is a mother, wife, and trusted spiritual and legal advisor.


After 10 years of litigation practice, Char became frustrated with the broken system of family law. The legal system itself frequently make things worse for hurting families. Backlogged dockets, combative litigants, and adversarial procedures are ill-equipped to deliver healing to families in crisis. What so many families cannot see during their legal battle is the long-term reality: at the end of the court case, you will still be “family.”

In 2020, Char launched her own holistic family practice where she provides pastoral care and legal counsel to her clients and their families. Char’s family expertise speaks for itself through the victories she’s secured for her clients –inside and outside of court.

If your marriage has any hope of reconciliation, no hope at all, or you simply need a sound strategy to move forward, Char’s trusted counsel will bring you hope, peace, and encouragement.


Family Crisis Intervention

Legal Consulting

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Faith & Family Leadership Institute

From the Hearts of Our Clients

Women Over 50 I must say this has certainly been a wonderful experience. If you ever need representation trust me Char is the lady to get the job done. Needless to say I was going through a divorce and had another lawyer for almost a year and she quit right in the middle of my divorce. Char stepped in and accomplished what the previous lawyer couldn’t do in a year ,she did in a day. 3hours to be exact. I will be officially divorced on 10/28/2021 and I will be forever grateful to her for her professionalism, care and due diligence in handling my case. So again I’m not telling you what I heard I’m telling you from first hand experience she is the best and will definitely get the job done. Thank Char for your assistance in giving me my life back….

Tamiya Jackson

There’s so much I can say about Char and her entire team, and while I attempt to put it all in writing, I ask that you bare with me ❤️

I met Mrs. Char in 2020, and I was at possibly one of the lowest points in my life. She immediately addressed my concerns during our consultation and made me feel heard. She made me feel like even though I felt like I was fighting a losing battle, it was a winning one. In a world full of darkness, she helped me see the light.

Since 2020, Char has been backed by the entire Law for Love team as it relates to assisting me alongside two more custody cases. I admit, at times, I worry despite them telling me not to. They never let me sit in anything other than total confidence, and someone is always available to address all concerns – no matter how minute they may be. The gratitude I have for this business goes beyond social media reviews. A five-star rating isn’t enough to measure the quality of service, the empathy, and the LOVE that this team has shown my three kids and me over the years.

Divorce is hard. Custody battles are even more challenging. But one thing that is not hard is continuing to select Law for Love for all of my family’s legal needs.

To Char and the entire Law for Love team,
Thank you for the very depth of my soul. I don’t know where we would be without you.

With love,
Miya and the three little ones

Raven Kelly

OK, WHERE DO I START: Attorney Sherlyn “Char” Selassie is Hands down, one of the best. I don’t even know what to say, but I will say a lot. If you are looking for an attorney then you need to stop right here and choose Law for Love. Attorney Selassie was so attentive to all of my Husband’s needs. When he called, she answered, when he text, she text back. When she wasn’t available, she WAS available. If she couldn’t take care of the need, her team jumped on it so fast, you forgot what you reached out to her for. This law firm has been exceptional and the time and care that they took with my Husband’s custody case made us feel like our son was there son. My Husband had a lot of concerns because he wanted custody of his son, he told Attorney Selassie everything that he wanted from his custody case that included A through Z and she did her Attorney thing, made it fit into the legal minds of the court system. Attorney Selassie aka Char made sure she answered each question, comment and concern that he had. She was available when their were issues going on that were not related to court matters but were safety issues that our son was having in the other home he was in. She didn’t make us feel like we were bothering her, but in turn she gave us great legal advice on how to handle the matter until we could get to our court date. ABSOLUTELY HANDS DOWN, THE BEST ANGEL/ATTORNEY 😇 We could have asked for. She is worth every single Quarter we spent. HIRE ATTORNEY SELASSIE! She is a very mild tone spoken women but in Court, she is a BEAST. You were a blessing to our family and now my step-son lives with us and our family is Complete. 🙏🏾 THANK YOU CHAR❤


Law For Love… what else could you possibly say about such an awesome one thousand percent reward deserving law firm.

Char is hands down the best of the best and I’m not just saying that for a Google review. I take my reviews seriously. Her performance is paramount.

I met Char in 2019 and she won my case when there was no seeing a win in sight. Her perseverance in getting the justice needed not only for me but most importantly for my son’s is what mattered most. The name Law for Love is exactly what it means. 💯

If you are in a situation no matter how difficult it may seem with no ends in sight, you’ve lost all hope, do not give up, do not give in; Please I beg of you give her a call, if you just need someone to talk to and get advice she is the mentor you need in your life. Her scoop of practice is beyond measures.

I said I wouldn’t write a book, but I wanted to passionately get my message across to that someone who is out there looking for help…
Law for Love is your way to go.
You have nothing else to loose….

Sincerely and best regards,
Finally free and living life

Law for Love

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