Sherlyn "Char" Selassie
Pastor at Law
Founder, Law for Love

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Is Making The Difference For Families In Crisis 
by combining legal expertise, spiritual counsel and LOVE for a unique client experience. 
Here is a sample of Char's wisdom regarding the lost of trust in relationships.

Compassionate Family Mediation

Law for Love is an industry leader in creative dispute resolution

Discover how you can avoid the expense, anxiety and combat of traditional litigation. Preserve your family's dignity by unlocking the power of private mediation.

Industry Leader in the Expansion of
Creative Dispute Resolution

Law for Love Publications

Law for Love is committed to equipping, encouraging, and empowering families for lasting change through books and inspirational resources.

Take Your Life Back: Overcoming Playing Small
Sherlyn "Char" Selassie, Pastor at Law, shares principles from her family law clients as they each exercised the power of taking their lives back. She invites you to join this incredible adventure to live our life to the fullest. This book will empower, inspire, and encourage you to hop into the front seat and take hold of the's your life.
Examine the Evidence and Change Your Life
Char shares powerful insights to transforming from her own trauma and healing her marriage. Her remarkable insights equip, empower, and encourage others to uncover the spiritual roots of internal and interpersonal conflict.
We are here to equip, empower and encourage you through your difficult time.

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We equip, empower, and encourage our clients to take ownership of their legal needs and choose the level of care that best supports them. Book a Legal Strategy Call today to explore your options and choose a plan that serves you best.