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Every separation, divorce, or reconciliation begins with the question: "Do I stay or do I go?"

This question burns in the hearts of men and women facing challenges in their marriage. But with so many considerations, many people do nothing at all. Rather, many remain in a marriage that is not producing the joy, peace, and fulfillment they truly desire.

After navigating divorce with thousands of legal clients, Char recognized many patterns that led so many of her clients to the most painful decision: divorce. In this book, she explores the thought process, considerations, and the true costs so that you can find clarity and a clear path forward to live the life you you dare to imagine for yourself.

Kingdom First Journal

This powerful time-management tool helps the modern professional find balance and purpose. Plan each week with your purpose in mind. Set your priorities for each day based on your own personal needs, your calling, your family, and your community. Highly recommended for individuals who have been neglecting their own needs for the sake of others. 
Kingdom First Journal

The Law of Care: 
Breaking cycles of Neglect & Abuse

This legal training, Char teaches the reader how to "think like a lawyer" for the purpose of breaking the legal operation of broken relationship cycles. This legal training teaches you step by step how to identify false beliefs that have taken root in your thinking as a result of neglect and abuse. Even more, The Law of Care teaches you how to change your thinking from that of a victim to embrace your full authority and power over your life and outcomes.
The Law of Care
Kingdom Wealth Collection

The financial literacy and wealth building resources are key to strengthening families and communities.
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Healing & Personal Development


Take Your Life Back:
Overcoming Playing Small

Char shares principles from her family law clients as they each exercised the power of taking their lives back. She invites you to join this incredible adventure to live our life to the fullest. This book will empower, inspire, and encourage you to hop into the front seat and take hold of the's your life.

Take Your Life Back: Overcoming Playing Small

Life, Love & Loss
Monthly, Weekly and Daily Journal
In this journal, Char equips you with the power of psycho-neuro-muscular healing through this guided workbook. Research has shown the process of writing about the pain of loss and transition creates deep connections between our subconscious minds and our power of independent will. This process helps you to look deep inside of yourself and extract the hope, dreams, and joy that tomorrow has in store for you.

Trauma Transformation:
Examining the Evidence

Char reveals powerful insights to transforming from her own trauma and healing her marriage. Her remarkable insights equip, empower, and encourage others to uncover the spiritual roots of internal and interpersonal conflict.

Trauma Transformation: Examining the Evidence

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Diaspora Guide Book: 
Starting Your Business in Tanzania from A - Z
Foodie Fun for Little Ones 
A Children's Cookbook
Diaspora Guide Book:  Starting Your Business in Tanzania from A - Z
Foodie Fun for Little Ones  A Children's Cookbook

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