The WHY Behind Law For Love

Law for Love began long before its founding. Law for Love is a movement in the making. This movement began with Char's childhood. Her heart to help and compassion was seen and felt by those around her. The birth of your first furthered your resilience and will to push forward for a better outcome. Even when life gives you painful circumstances, you always find a way to make the best of it. These characteristics have followed you throughout your life and are reflected in the ministry you do in your law office for those who have similar stories to yours.

Who is Char serving?

Char is for hurting families looking for a safe space and seeking compassion and help from their life circumstances that landed them to need professional law services. Our clients are looking for healing, encouragement, and sympathy as they make the difficult choice to change their lives. Char is generating a significant impact with her unique approach to the practice of law.

Char's community is primarily women, but men as well, who are Honest, Integrity centered, Open to forgiveness, Hurting, and Looking for Healing and Ready for Change in their lives.

Our clients have a strong desire to find healing, but unsure how to go about it. We give them a shoulder to cry on and a solution to their problem. As they get to know you and venture into their process of partnering with Char, they learn life habits that will help them go through life no matter what comes. They are introduced to pastoral care and get inspiration about life in the future. A commonality you share with them is that your own life experiences similar to theirs. You give your community hope through the unique way you approach Private Practice in law; your faith-based counseling is integrated with your professional law services offering.

Char's Law for Love brand is not for those who take out their anger on others because they are hurt, bitter, spiteful, vengeful, have displaced aggression and anger, and are stubborn.

What our clients experience
Our clients leave their process with us feeling  empowered and hopeful, equipped to continue  on their healing journey. You motivate and inspire their hearts with truth, wisdom, and justice for their circumstance. Your brand enables them to feel empowered and hopeful and gives them what they need to navigate the storms of life and tap into their "inner Char." You help them recover or develop resilience and optimism for change.

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Get Real to Heal

The Law of Intention (Energy) and Neglect (Entropy)

The principle of entropy indicates that disorder in any system will naturally increase over time if left unattended, and this concept can be applied to marriage. Without intentional effort to nurture the relationship, a marriage will inevitably deteriorate. Therefore, it's crucial to consistently evaluate and address areas where neglect has crept into our thoughts, words, or actions.

By recognizing and tackling these areas of neglect, we create pathways for intentional growth and improvement in our marriages. This transformation begins with the individual, fostering habits of intentionality within oneself, which then naturally extend to how we interact with our spouses. The practice of intentionality not only enhances personal growth but also strengthens the marital bond, making the relationship more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Love is a Law that Begins with Knowing (and loving) Yourself

Love is a Law that Begins with Knowing  (and loving) Yourself
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