Heavenly Father, 

I bless you for the gift of life. 
Thank you for the mercy you have shown me--
For the opportunity to experience beauty, 
And to be a living expression of your enduring love. 

I even thank you for the storm that is raging around me right now. 
I thank you that you are in the center of this storm with me.
And that I, within your loving embrace, am in the eye of the storm.
Where there is peace, calm, and tranquility as the winds and rain rage all around me.

I set my focus on you right now.
Because in you there is fullness of joy.
And peace that is higher than my circumstances. 

Thank you for never leaving me.
Thank you for never turning your back on me.
Thank you for giving me this moment to reach you.
Thank you for hearing me when I cry out to you. 

And for every tear I cry...
I thank you for never taking them for granted. 
And for using them for my healing, and never to harm me.
Today, I trust you with the shattered places of my heart--
Knowing that your love and kindness will put every piece back together.
And with this gift you make me better.
Yes--even in the midst of this storm.

It will not break me, but strengthen me.
It will not blow me away, but cleanse me.
May it be so according to your purpose for my life.
You are my storm shelter.
And I will continue to rest here with you.
Until the storm passes.

I pray these things in your name of authority  here on earth and in the unseen realm of the spirit- Yahusha ha Mashiac (Jesus, the Anointed King).



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