Love is a Law that Begins with Knowing  (and loving) Yourself
Love is a feeling, right?


Love is actually a LAW. This law is evident in all creation. From my vantage point as a divorce lawyer, I have come to understand this only by observing patterns. These patterns appear repeatedly and predictably in broken relationships which end in courtroom drama. Applying the scientific method, I am now convinced that one can accurately predict the outcome of any relationship by understanding the principles of The Law of Love

In the first Matrix movie, the protagonist, Neo, paid a visit to the Oracle to find answers for his quest to save the world. Although Neo expected guidance for helping everyone else, the Oracle's primary instruction to Neo was simple, yet easy to overlook . . . 

To thine own self be true.

And thus, as accurately depicted in this movie-- love begins with self.

And learning how to love yourself is the first step to learning how to practice The Law of Love. 

Practicing The Law of Love
 Before I proceed, I acknowledge the statement of legal principles rests upon three assumptions: 
(1) Our existence on Earth is the result of creation; and
(2) Law is not dependent upon religious doctrine or dogma, but rather, is evident in creation itself.
(3) Creation serves as a witness of what the law is and how it functions.

The first step to practicing love is your acknowledgment and acceptance that your Creator (or "Father") IS Love. When you believe your Creator is love, then you are in the position to accept the premise that He created us for the purpose of loving us. His expression of love towards us is self evident. He gave us the option to love Him in return. Once we accept the gift of our free will as intended for expressing love back to our Creator, only then can we freely love others. Loving others occurs as a natural result of embracing the Father's love. Once secure in the embrace of the Father's love, we access the courage to overcome the inherent fear of truly loving others. (1 John 4:7-8). For the sake of clarity, I will restate this principle in four steps.

To love myself is to first know my Creator and to love Him in return:
  1. Accept that the Creator IS Love.
  2. Accept that I was created for the purpose of my Creator’s expression of love towards me.
  3. Embrace the gift of my free will as an act of my Creator’s love. 
  4. Express my love for my Creator by practicing love for others without fear.
Rather than seeking how to love someone else, or how to get another person to love you, the starting point is how to love yourself. As a survivor of childhood neglect, abuse, I wrestled with finding the secret to love and finally feeling loved and accepted. It was only when I got laser focused on uncovering the principles that govern relationships, that I finally broke free from heartbreak.  

There are a few more layers I will share with you concerning The Law of Love. For now, however, I encourage you to explore the first love--love of self--by joining me in my legal training concerning The Law of Care: Breaking Cycles of Neglect and Abuse.

To thine own self be true,