Heavenly Father,  

Thank you for another day with breath in my body.
Thank you for the blood flowing through my veins.
Thank you for your new mercies to share the gift of this day with me. 
I take courage in this day because I know that you cannot fail me.
And that is why I am asking you for the bread that will feed my soul.
I have been heavy in my heart
I have been exhausted in my soul
I have been disappointed by people time after time again
And when I feel disconnected in my marriage...
When the person who is supposed to be closest to me is the furthest from me, 
It breaks my heart. 

I am bringing the shattered pieces of my heart to you today.
Because I know you care. 
You know the number of hairs I have on my body.
You know my innermost thoughts...
My dreams, and my fears.
And one of those fears has been facing life with a broken heart. 
I cannot bear it.
And that is why I am crying out to you today. 

Because you promised that you heal the brokenhearted
You said that you care about the things that burden me
And even now, while things seem to be all wrong in my marriage...
I trust that you are the one who will use the pain that we are both facing
To turn all of the shattered and broken glass of our feelings
Into a beautiful story of triumph over the odds. 

I pray that you help me to see what I need to learn from this pain
Teach me to appreciate the purpose in all of this.
And I ask you to fill me with your peace.
The type of peace that does not focus on the tiny details of the circumstances.
But the type of peace that commands the winds.
Because I know that is how you want me to use this pain. 
You want me to create my own experience of this life.
Where I am always the victorious, and never the victim. 

Father, I also ask for your joy.
Because your joy gives me strength to keep moving forward.
To keep choosing to love, even when love hurts. 
To find laughter and appreciation in the places that I have overlooked. 
To allow the laughter of life to be the medicine I need as you strengthen my heart. 

Thank you for being with me.
At times, marriage feels so lonely.
Which makes no sense to me. 
But I take comfort in knowing that I am never alone. 
And even when my spouse does not understand me.
Or when they do not seem to care at all about the way I am suffering right now. 
I can always trust you to always be true.
I can trust you to always be love. 
Even when I am behaving in an unlovable way.
Or when my spouse is pushing my patience to the fullest of my limits. 
I can rest and know that it is not by my own strength, but by yours that I heal.

Thank you for every moment of broken-ness in my life.
So that I may witness the power of your healing touch.
And that I may take comfort in your loving embrace.
As you create a new heart for me.


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