The Cost of Healing
Excuse my use of the English language for just one quick moment but...

Healing ain't free

Consider the person who you spend the most time with trying to help them through their challenges. Think about the advice you gave them time after time again. Evaluate how they used that advice and whether things changed.

If your friend or loved one took your advice and things got better, that means they paid a price. It was not enough to continue doing the same thing and simply hoping everything else would change. 

The change came from paying a cost. 

The change came from doing something different. 

The change came from accepting some discomfort. 

And for your loved ones who are still in the same cycles year after year?

They were not willing to pay the cost. It's that simple. Healing is going to cost you. It is going to require confrontation of your beliefs. It's going to challenge your perspective. It's going to require decisions that reverse the tide. 

And until we pay that cost...

Nothing changes. 

Secure your own mask before assisting others
And it doesn't matter how much everybody else wants healing for you. . .

Or how much you want to help someone else heal . . .

Your healing is YOUR choice. Their healing is THEIR choice. And you are the only one who can pay the price for your healing. Attempting to subsidize another person's healing only leaves you emotionally bankrupt if they are not vested in their own process. 

And when a person is ready to put in the effort, everything else around them adjusts to their new pace. 



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