To Radically Transform family law by delivering true restorative justice by transforming families through compassionate family mediation and supportive legal services.


Our mission is to empower families to take control of their lives outside of the traditional litigation model. Empowerment means providing a listening ear, wise evaluation of the core conflict, and compassionate guidance through the process of education and transparency. 

We directly engage and intercept 3 families each month from the traditional legal process. Through leadership training and professional development, our framework intercepts 3,000 families per year from traditional litigation.


  • We believe in the power of love; love transcends disagreement. 
  • We believe legal disputes should be guided by the advancement of truth.
  • We believe when we value truth, and are motivated by love, we discover the core dispute, thereby making decisions rooted in wisdom.
  • We believe in the God-given ability of every person to see beyond their own pain and disappointment when provided a safe, supportive environment where they can be authentic about their side of the controversy.
  • We believe families have the power to fashion their own future.
  • We believe traditional litigation serves only the interest of the legal profession, not the individual litigants.
  • We believe legal education brings transformative decision-making.
  • We believe families are harmed by the false belief strangers should decide who is right and who is wrong.
  • We believe families deteriorate when the dispute is driven by anger or the desire to control or to punish the other person.
  • We believe families should remain child-centered regardless of the parents’ differences or decision to separate.
  • We believe parents should love their children more than they dislike or disagree with one another.
  • We believe parenting evolves as parents continue to learn and heal from their disputes.
  • We believe in promoting healing and closure by providing an atmosphere for fair and open disagreement.
  • We believe people have the inherent power to make long lasting, quality decisions when they have knowledge and a clear understanding of the dispute process.
  • We believe families waste resources unnecessarily due to a false belief in, and value of the system of traditional litigation.