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Book Launch: Trauma Transformation
Char Selassie
Pastor at Law
About the Author
Alone and afraid, fourteen year-old Char delivered her first baby in a South Florida emergency room. After nine months of denial and hiding, the evidence of her secret life was on full display. The resulting fallout in her family led to endless conflict and multiple bouts of homelessness. Eventually, her damaged self concept from the resulting shame and rejection drove her into two extremely violent romantic relationships.
Her life's circumstances continued producing evidence of her broken heart. Finally, after she suffered permanent physical injuries after a violent episode with her ex, she decided to change the course of her life. Determined to become a mother her children could be proud of, Char focused and began law school. She met the love of her life and got married. They had a baby and she landed her dream job. However, although she had attained her dreams, the evidence of trauma continued to follow her, threatening her marriage and her peace of mind.

The traumatic loss of her mother and brother within a nine-month period of time crushed her. And during the darkest season of her life, Char rediscovered herself and confronted the unhealed "little girl" who continued to testify against her happiness. In this biographical workbook, Char shares her journey and truths that liberated her to live openly and at peace with herself and with others. She invites you to join her and examine your own evidence so that you, too, can experience a life-changing transformation.

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