This Agreement is between the Client ("You) and Law for Love LLC ("LFL").

LFL agrees to serve as a neutral third-party to assist you in a family dispute. You have received a Fee Proposal email which estimates the time necessary and required deposit to begin your mediation.

Nature of Mediation
Mediation is not a substitute for legal advice and the mediator does not give legal or financial advice. The mediator focuses on helping participants reach their own agreements and does not represent either party.

The mediation process will involve only the parties to the case and their attorneys. The presence of others may create animosity and ill feelings even before the mediation begins. Children are not allowed in the mediation session and child care is not provided.

Issues Resolved in Mediation
If an agreement or partial agreement is reached, LFL will prepare the agreement, and review it with both of you. After mediation, you will each have ten (10) days in which to have the agreement reviewed and approved by separate attorneys if you desire (LFL cannot advise either of you on the mediated agreement).

The Plaintiff is responsible for having the agreement drawn to present to the court. Any issues that are not resolved in mediation will be decided by the arbitrator if you have agreed to both mediation and arbitration. If you have not agreed to mediation-arbitration with our office, you may both agree in a separate Legal Services Agreement to have the document prepared by Selassie Consulting Services-Our legal department.

Deposits and Refunds
Unless you and your spouse/former partner have agreed otherwise, you will each pay 1/2 of our proposed fee which you received in a separate email. There is a non-refundable $500 engagement fee in the event you cancel mediation and/or uncontested divorce services within seven (7) days of signing this agreement. After seven days, all fees are non-refundable and deemed earned upon receipt.

We recommend that if there is ANY hope you may be able to reconcile your differences, that you only pay 1/2 of the proposed fee up front. If you work out your differences and cancel our services, we will keep $500 as our cancellation fee and deposit the remainder to you if you cancel within seven (7) days from the date you sign this agreement. Otherwise, if you continue with your case, your balance will be due in 30 days and all fees paid to us are non-refundable. No exceptions.

Exceeding Your Time
In the event LFL determines the mediation is fruitful and will likely result in a positive outcome, your session will terminate and LFL will propose the additional time/fee in a separate writing. At no time will LFL continue mediation beyond your time and invoice you for exceeding your time. However, we may have to reschedule for another day and time to finalize the resolution to your case.

Mediation is most effective where both parties openly exchange information. For this reason, LFL requires, and you agree, to provide any and all documents and other evidence to LFL. You also agree that LFL may freely exchange your information with the other party. If you believe you are entitled to confidentiality of information which is relevant to the issues in your case, mediation may not be appropriate and you should not sign this agreement.

An example of the types of disclosures that resolve most family law cases includes (but is not limited to): tax returns, pay stubs, insurance policies, children's records (academic, medical, psychological), child care receipts, etc. In most instances, no more than 3 years of documents are necessary when necessary to address a financial issue in your case.

In the either party has contacted LFL and received legal advice prior to signing this agreement, each party expressly waives the conflict of interest which arose at the time of legal consultation.

By signing below, you understand this Agreement binds LFL, its agents, and employees to act as a neutral, non-interested third party for the sole purpose to facilitate a fair and impartial resolution of our dispute. LFL shall not provide legal advice to either party regardless of any prior attorney-client contact, if any.

LFL believes it is important to bring the child's voice into certain family discussions. We will never place your child in a position to speak against either parent. Neither will we ever place your child in a position to state a preference for one parent over the other. 

Amount to be charged:

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