Proposal for Compassionate Family Mediation without Children
Our promise to you and your family
Cost: $5,500.00
Commitment: 3 Months

 Services included in our full service Compassionate Family Mediation:
  • Mediation of all the issues;
  • Discussion and review of all of your proposals;
  • Facilitating financial disclosure;
  • Preparation of a financial analysis;
  • Alternative recommendations, if necessary;
  • Drafting and execution of the settlement agreement;
  • Drafting and execution f the lawsuit documents, and other court administrative forms;
  • E-filing of the legal case
  • ***Your court filing fees are also included
 Additional services which are not included in the services above:
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders to divide retirement (QDRO): $975 each
  • Quitclaim/conveyance deed w/electronic filing: $275 each
  • Physical court appearance: $300
Other Service Limitations: 
We provide all of the necessary legal support  until we obtain a final court order that is consistent with your agreement. 
It is highly unlikely that a court appearance will be required to finalize your case. However, if a hearing is ordered by the Court, only the person named as the "Plaintiff" is required to attend, and we will prepare and attend the final hearing. The final hearing is normally via Zoom and involves a 3-minute presentation guided by the attorney.

Reconciliation Path:
If you have selected to attempt a reconciliation, then your first 60 days will be committed to helping restore connection, communication and trust. Upon the 60th day, we will evaluate whether or not you are making sustainable progress. If not, then the balance of your time will be used for a mediated/uncontested divorce process.