1. Parties
“You,” (“Your”) is the Client named below your signature as Agent for your company. You agree to hire “Attorney/Firm,” Selassie Consulting Services (“SCS”) according to the terms of this agreement.
2. Scope
Attorney agrees to the scope of work detailed in the Fee Proposal you received by email and/or SMS text which is incorporated as part of this Agreement. Any additional services which Attorney has not already agreed to will require a separate Fee Proposal. Furthermore, the scope of this Agreement shall be governed by the receipt for legal services and description of services selected at checkout.
3. Fee
The fee for the work is detailed in the Fee Proposal you received by email and/or SMS text. All fees are deemed earned upon receipt and are non-refundable.
4. Communication
The Firm will communicate with you via email and phone. You must provide us with an email address connected to a secure account that is inaccessible to others and refrain from emailing the Firm or accessing email from us from a computer owned by your employer. You also agree to notify the Firm concerning the physical address to which paper documents should be mailed.
5. Termination
As a client, you have the right to terminate the Firm at any time and for whatever reason. If you decide to terminate the Firm, we will acknowledge termination in writing and deliver your file electronically.
6. Our Team
To best serve you, the Firm will assemble the team of professionals best suited to your specific needs at each stage of the service. Sometimes, these professionals are contractors who are supervised by the Firm, but not employed by the Firm, and sometimes they may reside outside the United States. As a client, you specifically consent to the firm’s use of these professionals.
7. Data Security
Firm may store electronic files on a variety of platforms, including on third party cloud-based servers. You specifically consent to the Firm’s use of these services for document storage and management.
8. Guarantees
The Firm cannot and does not guarantee particular results.
9. Disputes
Any disputes arising in connection with this agreement will be resolved through arbitration under the laws of Georgia.
10. Client Files
The Firm retains copies of client files in electronic format. At the conclusion of the matter, electronic and paper copies of your file will be maintained for five (5) years.
Office Policies
Our Firm is dedicated to the highest degree of professionalism and providing outstanding client service. You may view our Office Policies here.