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 We are serving families in a critical space at the intersection of family law and spiritual law. Please consider becoming a sponsor to equip us to expand our training and programs to other communities.

My Mission 

I am uniquely positioned between the faith community and the legal community. My mission is to equip and train the faith community to serve more families by utilizing our creative dispute resolution model. For family lawyers, we are expanding professionalism training to help attorneys become ore trauma informed about the painful realities in separation, divorce, and custody disputes.

Why I walked away from litigation
Let's face it...there is a lot of money to be made in the traditional legal practice. Unfortunately, the system has not served families in a way that represents justice. I decided to launch a grassroots mission to expand public awareness of private, creative alternatives to the "lawsuit-first" model of handling conflict. Although this decision came at a great cost, I am hopeful that Law for Love has sparked a movement where faith leaders, legal professionals, and everyday human beings are partnering to wrap our arms around hurting families in a more constructive way. Please support our work by becoming a Law for Love Partner.

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