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Sherlyn "Char" Selassie
Pastor at Law

Sherlyn "Char" is a wife, mother, and professional committed to supporting and equipping families. She combines the power of mediation, life coaching, and pastoral care to offer a unique and empowering solution designed to build agreements within families. 

Char's passion for families stems from her work as a family attorney. After handling thousands of divorce cases, she set out to find creative ways to reduce and eliminate the destruction that is often caused by the legal system. 

What can you learn from a divorce attorney? All of the red flags that lead to divorce. Even more, you can learn whether or not you both truly agree, or can benefit from clarifying what you each truly want from your relationship.

Char and her team are committed to equipping, empowering and encouraging families in Wisdom, Justice & Truth

Premarital Counseling
On Demand Class

$ 175 
✔️Weekly content to explore your relationship fundamentals

✔️ Study at your own pace together with your Boo

✔️ Obtain your premarital counseling certificate for your marriage license

Foundational Couple's Contract Negotiation

$ 25090 minutes
✔️ Save with package purchase ($1,600)

✔️ Take a deeper dive into your relationship dynamic

✔️ Safety and honesty in helping you both address the compatibility of your goals and dreams

✔️ Receive your premarital counseling certificate after 8 sessions.

Group Premarital Relationship Coaching
Maximum 5 couples per group

$ 560/couple
✔️ Free Access to On-Demand Course

✔️ Male/Female Breakout Sessions

✔️ Premarital Counseling Certificate for your marriage license

✔️ Pay-as-You-Go for $50 per class/per person

Begin your journey toward a fulfilling and resilient marriage today.
Our pre-marital counseling services are designed to be accessible 
and accommodating to your needs.
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