Crucial Conversations Before You Say "I Do.".
Week 1: Welcome! Here is what you can expect (with homework)
Week 2: Understanding Your Relationship
Week 3: Exploring Individual and Shared Values
Week 4: Financial Planning & Management 
Week 5: Family Dynamics
Week 6: Building a Strong Foundation for Marriage
Week 7: Addressing Potential Challenges
Week 8: Enhancing Relationship Skills
BONUS: Planning for the Future
More about your class options:

The on-demand class ($175) will provide you weekly assignments to consider and discuss with your Boo (yes...homework). You will only be able to complete one lesson per week.

The couple's counseling (Fundamentals for Contract Building) is $250 for each one-on-one session.

The Group Premarital Coaching is limited to 5 couples and the $560 is covers the cost for both of you to participate. We will host separate sessions every other week for men and every other week for women as we facilitate conversations that will help you build your understanding for one another and practice your skills offline.

All options will satisfy your premarital counseling upon completion of 8 sessions

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