For Marriage Couples
If you do not find a shared DREAM...
Feel more CONNECTED... and
Restore/begin a genuine FRIENDSHIP with your partner...
Law for love will handle your divorce* for FREE.**

For Engaged Couples
We promise you will receive your pre-marriage course certification at the end of your training.
We also promise that if you practice these powerful legal principles, you and your partner will have a marriage that is built to LAST.


This 12-week training will empower your marriage by teaching the fundamentals of contract law, business law and Biblical law as they relate to marriage

You will have on-- demand access to course materials. Each lesson is structured to give you time for practice and reflection.

You will also have access to our inspiration and mindset materials for you to work on your own healing and personal growth which will better serve your marriage.

We also provide group mediation of common marital conflict to lend encouragement and support to help you continue your journey with a fresh perspective.

Live weekly coaching Tuesday nights @ 8:00 pm EST to mediate common issues in marriage.

You will have a legally binding PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT at the end of the training. 

*Offer refers to an uncontested divorce you both agree and sign off on. Does not include court fees ($300).

*Offer is valid upon completion of the 12-week training and expires 30 days after you complete your course. Does not apply to coupon code enrollments.

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Payment Options

$925 for 2 monthly payments
$2,750 for 2 monthly payments