Break Free from Painful
Cycles, Heal and Move On

Our Law of Care trainings guide you to cultivate a
strategic mindset. . . thinking like a lawyer. . . 
to identify, address, and dismantle the deeply
ingrained patterns that have held you captive for
far too long. Picture yourself building authentic connections, fortified by the strength to set boundaries and prioritize your

What You'll Learn
What is the Law of Care?
Discover the rule that equips you to identify and break painful cycles which are rooted in childhood neglect and abuse.

Control Your Personal Dominion 
Understand your divine authority and territory. Explore the scope of your power to rule and how to care for your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical dominion. 

The Power of Spiritual Contracts 
How to identify and break agreements you have made consciously or subconsciously to release yourself from neglect and abuse.

Take the First Step to Live Freely and Honestly

Embark on a healing journey tailored to working men & women like yourself. 

Join a community of survivors, each empowered by the Law of Care, as you learn practical strategies to reshape your relationships. Gain insights from legal principles applied to your personal life, equipping you with the tools to break free from the cycles that have impaired your growth.

Invest in yourself and your future. Take your lunch break 

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Unleash the lawyer  within you to advocate for your own well-being. 
Rewrite the narrative of your life with a pen dipped in self-compassion and powered by legal principles.

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Take time out of your busy day to take care of yourself by learning 
these powerful legal techniques for overcoming cycles of abuse and neglect.