Marriage Business Partner Coaching

Now that the honeymoon is over. . .

Now that you have more awareness of your differences . . .

Now that your differences have led to disagreement . . 

It is time to find agreement again.

Embark on a transformative journey of growth and connection with our Marriage Business Partner Coaching

Marriage Business Partner Coaching facilitates the negotiation of various "micro-agreements" which rebuild partnership and connection. Unlike traditional couple's counseling, we meet with each partner one-on-one. This provides a safe and respectful environment for each side to speak openly and freely without triggering hurt and resentment in each other. 

The complete Marriage Business Partner Coaching curriculum is a 10-week skills training and mediation process. At the end of your course, you will be presented with your comprehensive Marriage Business Partner Coaching Agreement which was designed exclusively by both of you.

Individual Pastoral Care
Continued 1-on-1 Support 

Sometimes we need compassionate support and guidance for our own individual journey. Law for Love provides pastoral care guided by prayer, listening, and accountability